Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order?

We need approximately 1-3 business days to process and prepare your order. This means that if you place an order on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, your order may not start processing until that Monday. Though depending on the volume of orders we have, we could expedite the processing time and process faster.

After your order is processed, you will receive a Completed Order email along with your tracking numbers.

Please allow for approximately 10-14 business days (excludes weekends or holidays) to receive your order if you reside in the US or Australia.

Other countries may take longer, please review our shipping and delivery policy for more detailed information.

The 1-3 day processing window allows us enough time to prepare everyone’s order with the same care and concern for accurate shipments.


It’s Been14 Days Since I Placed My Order – When Can I Expect To Receive It?

The 10-14 day delivery estimation does not include the 2-3 days of processing prior to the shipment of your order, and does not include weekends and/or holidays that may fall within the shipping period.

Excluding weekends and holidays in our delivery estimations allows enough leeway for the Post in case they are delayed because of external conditions that result in slightly slower delivery, such as holidays, inclement weather, or other circumstances that are beyond our control once your order is with the Post.

Example: You place your order on Monday the 1st, we finish processing your order on Thursday the 4th. Day 1 of your shipment starts on Friday the 5th, and Day 2 starts on Monday the 8th.  Excluding weekends and counting forwards, you can expect to receive your order between the the 15th and the 24th of the same month.

If you have NOT received your order by the 15th Business Day (starting from the day your order was marked Completed,) of your expected delivery time frame, PLEASE CONTACT US!

Do You Have Any Faster Shipping Methods?

At the moment, we do not provide an alternative shipping method other than our Standard delivery. This is because if we provided a faster shipping method, we would have to charge you a high price for shipping.

Because we strongly want to provide you with the best value, we choose to only provide our FREE Standard Delivery because by doing so, we can avoid charging you shipping – which means YOU get to save even more money!

We don’t want to charge you for shipping because we ship worldwide and the shipping prices for expedited international delivery can be quite costly.

So we have your wallet in mind by providing this one shipping method!

I Ordered Several Items – Why Have I Only Received Part Of My Order in 1 Package? 

If you ordered multiple items, sometimes we have to split up the items into separate packages in order to expedite the shipping process. Though we always aim to send your order in 1 complete package, sometimes this just isn’t possible and so it ends up being faster to send them separately, depending on what you ordered. This is quite normal, so do not be alarmed if you only receive a partial order. The remaining items in your order will be along shortly, and if you encounter any issues, you can always contact us.

My Tracking Info Hasn’t Updated Since It Left the Dispatch – Why?

Your tracking information updates through the main order status updates only.

So, when your order is being processed, when it has dispatched from the warehouse, when it arrives at your local sorting center/post office, and when it is out for delivery.

Your tracking information will not update between the time it has left the warehouse until it reaches your local sorting center or post office, because it is in the transit process, therefore it cannot be updated until it arrives at your local post.

I Changed My Mind and No Longer Want My Order, Can I Cancel and Get a Refund?

If your order has not been shipped yet, you can cancel your order and receive a refund, so long as you contact us prior to your order being shipped.

Once it is shipped, we cannot cancel your order, and then you will need to wait until you receive your item(s) before you can return them to us at our return address. Once we receive your unwanted items, we can either give you a refund or find you an alternative item equal to or less than the purchase price of your order.